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3 candidates vying for Democratic primary in Palm Beach County Commission race

ByChad J. Johnson

Aug 14, 2022

Three candidates are vying for the Palm Beach County Commission’s District 6 Democratic primary. Incumbent Melissa McKinlay is time-limited.

The winner of the primary will face Republican Sara Baxter in the November election.

Michelle McGovern, Sylvia Sharps and Matt Willhite said affordable housing is a big issue facing voters in the district, which covers parts of Greenacres, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach and the Glades.

“It’s going to take some creative thinking. Reinventing old malls, potentially and having programs to help people stay in their homes,” McGovern told WPTV’s Michael Williams about the ways she wants to help with the affordable housing crisis. . “Working with partners to create more inventory. I think the housing bond that will be on the ballot in November will help do that stuff.”

Sylvia Sharps told Williams on To the Point that she wanted to work with landlords to help lower the rent.

“It’s the landlords and landlords who decide how much rent. I think if we communicate with them and let them know exactly what they’re doing, unless they’re downright basic and greedy and don’t care, they might reconsider raising rents as much as they do,” Sharps said.

Candidates vying for Democratic primary in PBC Commission District 6

State Rep. Matt Willhite told Williams he was working in Tallahassee to provide money for more modular homes. He also cites redevelopment as a way to provide more affordable housing.

“I’ve always said we should redevelop instead of just expand,” Willhite told Williams. “When a developer comes in, they level the ground, and the redevelopment of much of our east coast areas is a great area to do that.”

Palm Beach County Commission District 6 candidate State Rep. Matt Willhite interviewed

WPTV NewsChannel 5 political analyst Brian Crowley offers his “Crowley Closer”.

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