• Tue. Sep 20th, 2022

Bad Ax’s Kim Rosenthal Appointed to Huron County Planning Commission

ByChad J. Johnson

Jul 29, 2022

Kim Rosenthal has been appointed to the Huron County Planning Commission for an eight-month term.

Rosenthal is a former Navy veteran, has resided in Bad Ax for over 40 years and has been in and around the community with various groups.

“My good friends here thought it would be a good idea and a good experience and I’m looking forward to it,” Rosenthal said while addressing council at the July 27 county meeting.

The appointment comes after the previous seat was vacated by Caitlin Stone-Webber on June 22.

“I do carpentry work for the church and I am a member of the Point Aux Barques lighthouse,” Rosenthal said. “I do lighthouse tours. I can’t wait to hear that. I’ve also been involved with the planning commission, so we’ll see what’s going on there.

“Well, thank you for your service,” County Chairman Sami Khoury said after Rosenthal finished introducing himself. “And thank you for applying to be part of our planning council. It will be an honor to have you on it.

“I don’t really know what to expect,” Rosenthal said. “I really hope to do things for children. I taught Korean karate for 25 years and was a youth minister for 25 years, so I want to be able to plan things for them. I seek to bring new ideas with my experience to help the planning commission.

Rosenthal is also looking to take a spot on the Bad Ax planning commission and has some ideas for that as well.

“You know, we have this walking trail there, I thought in October we might do a haunted walking trail,” he said. “Nothing too scary, but for kids and people to walk around and get interested in.”

Additionally, during the meeting, the Huron County Drain Commission presented its annual report to council, with John Hunt, vice-chairman of the roads commission, presenting to council. Hunt explained in the report that the emptying commission assessments are down from 2020 to 2021, spending $998,822.64. That’s just over $236,000 less than in 2020.

“The valuation just keeps going down,” Hunt said. “Once the great Pigeon River drainage is completed – it will be completed within the next three years – it will continue to go down. That doesn’t mean we’re not going to have an unexpected ‘something’.”

Additionally, the county’s 2021 fiscal year audit report was presented by Jordan Smith, Principal, who oversaw the audit for the county. Smith explained that the official opinion of the report stated that it “presents fairly in all material respects”.

“No news is good news,” Smith said during the presentation. “That does not mean that there is no fraud. It is not our job to detect fraud, it is to give our opinion on the figures and the fact that the figures can be reliable and in this case, we think they can.

The meeting also saw consent actions go through, including Huron Transit’s mileage renewal language, which was one of the items moved from the primary to the general election. The motion to grant the Huron County Suicide Prevention Coalition permission to set up its annual memorial garden in front of the county building Sept. 10-15 was also approved.