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ByChad J. Johnson

Aug 23, 2022

Over the past 36 years, the City of Brentwood has awarded more than $6.28 million to Williamson County Schools that serve Brentwood students. Schools use the money for one-time expenses like books, technology, and special projects like the Computers on Wheels program. Over the past three and a half decades, the city has also provided more than $2.27 million to local recreation and community service providers.

At its regular City Commission meeting on Monday, August 22, 2022, the city presented representatives from the twelve Williamson County schools in the Brentwood area with checks for $238,785.

Several Williamson County school principals and school board representatives attended the regular Monday evening city board meeting. Seventh District Representative Shelia Cleveland said, I appreciate the financial support the City of Brentwood has provided to schools in Williamson County over the past few years. Generous city contributions have provided Brentwood schools with additional resources for the education of WCS students. “We cannot thank the City of Brentwood enough for providing these funds to our Brentwood area schools,” Superintendent Jason Golden said. “This money will be used to support both students and teachers as they embark on what we believe will be a banner year for the district.

Brentwood and Ravenwood High Schools each received $62,400 while Brentwood, Sunset and Woodland Middle each received $15,600. Crockett, Edmondson, Jordan, Kenrose, Lipscomb, Scales and Sunset elementary schools also received $10,400.

Dr. Pam Vaden, principal of Ravenwood High School, said she was grateful for the additional funds. “Our budget for technology, musical instruments and sporting needs goes well beyond the monies received from the district. I am grateful for a community that puts education first,” said Dr. Vaden. Last year, the school used the funds for 110 crowd control barricades, guitars and guitar bags, weight room equipment, a cello and bass stands.

five smart TVs, twenty-two teacher chairs, Screenflex divider panels, a conductor’s stand and eighteen cafeteria tables. Brentwood High School spent most of its funds on interactive televisions and science lab equipment. Rebekah Loffi, principal of Kenrose Elementary School, said she used the money for teacher smart boards, chrome books and other classroom technology. Jordan Elementary School spent its funds on a library scanner and 95% of the funds for group literacy interventions.

VIDEO: Lipscomb Elementary School uses city funding to strengthen teacher voice while teaching during COVID

Additionally, at Monday night’s meeting, the city presented two recreation programs and three community service providers for a total of $155,250. Among the list of organizations to receive money this year are the Fifty-Forward Martin Center, Brentwood YMCA, Brentwood Ball Club, Brentwood Blaze Youth Football and the Mid-Cumberland Human Resource Agency.

Leisure service providers

The Brentwood Blaze organization was thrilled to receive the funds and offered their thanks for the funds. Last year, they were able to buy loudspeakers and painting machines. Fifty-Forward representatives at the meeting said they have a good appreciation for what the City of Brentwood is doing for the Martin Center. The funds are used for building maintenance and the advancement of some adult programs.

Request for donations for fiscal year 2023

Community service providers