• Tue. Sep 20th, 2022

Central Election Commission reveals date of elections in BiH – Sarajevo Times

ByChad J. Johnson

Apr 21, 2022

At today’s session of the Central Constituency, Chairman of the Central Election Commission, Suad Arnautovic, said that according to law, general elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be called on May 4.

Arnautovic said that because there is still a dilemma in the public as to whether general elections will be called in October this year, it is necessary to say “loudly” that the CEC will act in accordance with the provisions of the electoral law.

“One of these legal obligations is that the CEC announces the elections at least 150 days before election day. We know that election day is the first week of October. scheduled for 10:00 a.m. to take a decision on calling the 2022 general elections,” Arnautovic said.

He added that the dilemma for individuals is whether there will be money to organize the elections, Klix.ba writing.

“We must remind the public that the provisions of the electoral law prescribe mandatory behavior in connection with the provision of these funds,” Arnautovic said.

He cited the provisions of the electoral law, which stipulates that the funds for the elections must be provided within 15 days from the day when the CEC takes a decision on the calling of the elections.
“What the CEC and other bodies will do, we will not prejudge, they say it is important for the public to mention that there are also explicit provisions in the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina that apply to those that prevent voters from exercising their right to vote,” he added.

He stressed that if the CEC finds that a crime has been committed, in the sense that as the chairman of the CEC, he will inform the competent prosecutor’s office.