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Charles County Detention Center Receives Perfect Marks in Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards Audit – Southern Maryland News Net

ByChad J. Johnson

Jun 10, 2022

Charles County Sheriff, Troy D. Berry, is proud to announce that the Charles County Detention Center (CCDC) has achieved a 100% compliance rating of excellence in an audit conducted by the Maryland Correctional Standards Commission (MCCS) in January.

MCCS has created standards to ensure that Maryland correctional facilities operate as safely, efficiently, and professionally as possible. MCCS representatives conduct audits of every correctional facility in Maryland every three years to determine if the facility meets more than 100 standards of professional excellence. In 2001, the Charles County Detention Center became the first agency in the state to earn a perfect score in an audit and has since continued to strive to achieve that standard of excellence.

In the 2022 audit, CCDC was found to be 100% compliant with state standards and received an achievement recognition award. The commission noted in its report that this was the 6th time the CCDC had achieved 100% on its compliance audit. This achievement is remarkable given the many challenges faced over the past two years in managing the risks of the pandemic.

MCCS auditors review all aspects of CCDC, including security and emergency plans, to ensure that the working environment for employees and the living environment for inmates are satisfactory. To meet the standards, employees must keep accurate and detailed records of each inmate, including how they are classified, whether they require special diets, their hygiene items, all mail they receive, their accounts financial, their visitors, the religious and educational services they use, disciplinary hearings, and when, where and why they are transported. In addition, auditors review all operating records to ensure prescribed rules are followed. This includes training for all employees and annual visits from the Charles County Health Department, the Office of the State Fire Marshal, and the Maryland Office of Occupational Safety and Health. CCDC staff must also keep a strict inventory of every key, pair of handcuffs and tools in the facility.

The CCDC is commanded by Director Brandon Foster and the Standards Section is commanded by Lt. Richard Hulvey, who is responsible for managing all internal and external inspections of the facility, reviewing all documents and compliance with the Correctional Division’s Policy and Procedures Manual. to ensure that it performs to the standards set by MCCS. “This achievement of a 100% compliance rating is a direct reflection of the diligence and professionalism of each of our correctional officers and staff,” said Director Foster. “I am very proud of all of our team members and their dedication.”

“The Corrections Division has one of the toughest jobs in the agency,” Sheriff Berry said. “Achieving a perfect score while managing the custody and security of inmates as well as providing a variety of programs to assist inmates is an outstanding achievement and a testament to their passion for their work.

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