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Commission recognizes ‘perfect’ audit | New

ByChad J. Johnson

Jun 9, 2022

The Limestone County Commission praised Chief Financial Officer Emily Ezell and her team for a “perfect” audit.

“Emily Ezell has a history of perfect audits, so I would just like to thank her and her staff. It’s not an easy thing to do, and she usually does, so I appreciate her efforts in this regard” said District 2 Commissioner Danny Barksdale.

“I want to thank Emily for all her dedication. We don’t tell our employees enough, sometimes, that we appreciate what they do,” added District 3 Commissioner Jason Black.

Bushing, weeding, mowing and spraying are ongoing in the county, and commissioners are reminding citizens to be careful and watch out for crews working.

District 4 Commissioner LaDon Townsend provided an update on Chapman Hollow. Depending on the weather, the project is coming to an end. The Dupree Hollow Bridge is under development, but progress is steady.

In District 1, Daryl Sammet reported that the bridge over Thach Road has reopened.

“Right now we’re in the time to get settled, and we’ll put the running surface there as soon as we get that part done,” he said.

Resolutions and orders

• Provide all necessary funds to the Employee Retirement System to cover the cost of the one-time lump sum payment provided for in Section 2 of Act 229 of the Ordinary Section of the Legislature of 2022 for eligible retirees and beneficiaries of deceased retirees of the Limestone County Commission.

Contracts, agreements and grants

• Retroactive contract from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023 between TARCOG and the Limestone County Commission to maintain the existing insurance counseling and benefits program known as the State Health Insurance Program ( SHIP).

Board appointments

• Reappoint Henry Pollitz, Jerry Adams and Jeff Hodges to Council E911 with terms ending June 8, 2026.

• Nominate Tere Richardson to the Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association. This membership will replace Michelle Williamson’s current membership.

Engineer’s report

• Preliminary approval for the Green Cove Subdivision, a major subdivision, to replace Arts Corner lots 7-11 by creating 22 lots in District 2 located approximately 725′ north of the highway. 72 on the east side of Cambridge Lane.

• Preliminary and final approval for the Falwell Subdivision, a minor subdivision, creating a lot in District 2 located north of Nick Davis Road and west of Mooresville Road.

• Preliminary and final approval for the Spitzer Subdivision, a minor subdivision, creating a lot in District 2 located at 26389 Big Branch Lane.