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Commission signs grants for summer camps | News, Sports, Jobs

ByChad J. Johnson

May 6, 2022

Sub-grant agreements were signed by the Washington County Commission on Thursday morning to allow young people to attend educational camps this summer.

Flite Freimann, director of the Washington County Department of Employment and Family Services, said it was some of the agency’s best work.

“We take temporary assistance money for needy families and contract with local entities to ensure there are summer camps for young people,” he said. “It will give them career exploration opportunities and educational opportunities and they will have healthy lunches.”

The five entities are the Washington County Career Center, the Washington County Boys & Girls Club, Building Bridges 2 Careers, the Ohio Valley Resource Center, and the Betsey Mills Club.

“They can go to campus places like the career center so they can start thinking about what they want to be when they grow up,” said Freimann.

Commission President Charlie Schilling said it was a good idea.

“I think this is a great example of our Employment and Family Services using TANF dollars to get kids involved in summer activities and learning about career paths. I think that’s a good use of that money. We want them to understand what is available here in Washington County,” he said.

A proclamation was also signed designating the month of May as Building Safety Month.

“This is the 42nd annual Building Safety Month,” said building manager Rick Dostal. “Its theme this year is Safety for All, Building Codes in Action. Every week there are training programs and sessions you can take part in, including becoming an inspector, learning how to take on these roles. »

Dostal said the Ohio Building Standards Commission is working on a new program where people wouldn’t have to have years of experience in the field as a tradesman, but can train to become inspectors and plan checkers.

Davis Pickering has been awarded a contract for the Devola power project estimated at $1.6 million.

Commissioner Jamie Booth said residents of Devola have been told representatives from Davis Pickering will be contacting them when they carry out the work. He said scammers call people, residents can instead call Davis Pickering at 740-373-5896 to schedule an appointment.

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