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County Commission Meeting Held Monday | News

ByChad J. Johnson

May 10, 2022

By Dewain E. Peek,

OCN Editor

The Overton County Legislature has passed a resolution to collect a levy to help victims of crime in Upper Cumberland.

Resolution #2022-0509-01 to authorize the County to collect the Victim Assistance Assessment and appoint the Upper Cumberland Family Justice Center to receive the funds received a petition from County Commissioner Randall Boswell and Second of the curator Donna Savage. In the vote, Commissioners Cindy Robbins, Savage, Philip Talley, Geraldine Walker, Roger Carr, Jesse Bowman, Gail McCowan, Boswell, Lee Richards, Shane Walker, Darwin Clark, Robbie Melton, Jeff Long, and Billie G. Phipps all voted Yes. . Commissioner Greg Nivens was absent.

“It’s not a cost to the county,” county executive Ben Danner said.

He noted that the fee was approved by commissioners at last month’s meeting, but a resolution number was not set.

To clarify two multimillion-dollar transfers for the same Overton County schools project, county commissioners approved the school system’s request and voted to repeal a $5,300,000 budget amendment transfer from the Fund 141 to Fund 177 and $107,718 because the County Commission had already approved the transfer. $4,300,000 and $600,000 to Education Fund 156.

The school budget amendments were approved as follows: Federal Projects Fund #142, Amendments #8 and #9, and General Purpose Fund #141, Amendment #4.

Quarterly school reports ending December 31, 2021 and March 31, 2022 have been approved.

The following county budget amendments were approved: Highway Capital Projects Fund No. 176, Amendment No. 1; General Fund No. 101, Amendment No. 7; Debt Service Fund #151, Amendment #1; General Capital Projects No. 171, Amendment No. 1; and Road Fund No. 131, Amendment No. 3.

Quarterly county reports dated March 31, 2022 were approved.

Approval was given for the letter from the trustee remitting 2020 property taxes to the clerk and master in the amount of $48,547.82.

Approval has been given for a grant for the Millard Oakley Public Library’s summer reading program, “Oceans of Possibilities,” for $2,000. No correspondence is required, according to Executive Danner.

Tire recycling tenders were awarded to Liberty Tire for $159 per ton.

The 2021 Solid Waste Annual Progress Report has been approved.

Approval was given to purchase insurance for the fire services.

Approval was given to tender food and non-food supplies for the prison.

Cindy Robbins was appointed to the library board to replace Robbie Melton, and Helen Rigdon was appointed to the audit committee to replace Dian Franklin, who resigned.

The following individuals have been appointed to the Equalization Board for the 2022 and 2023 terms: Carl Lowe, Shirley Myers, Diane Upchurch, Milton Raines and Gary Gilbert.

The following people have been approved as Notaries General: Carin Garrett, Cherisse Sells, Roxanne Sidwell, Kelly Williams, Cameron Hare and Amanda Bowman.

The minutes of the departmental committee meeting of April 11, 2022 were approved.

In her capacity as Chair of the Audit Committee, Commissioner Savage presented the committee’s annual report, which included the Tennessee Comptroller’s findings against Overton County Schools and County Clerk Victoria Looper.

Art Haskins of Enbridge, a natural gas distribution company, informed the County Commission of the Enbridge Ridgeline expansion project, which will stretch from Trousdale County to Roane County in anticipation of possible closure by TVA the coal-fired power plant in Kingston and its replacement with a gas-fired power plant. The project will install a 30-inch pipe and travel just over 11 miles in Overton County, with 78 landowners. He informed the county commissioners that the affected owners have been notified. The project is expected to start in the fall of 2025 and end in 2026.

Before the meeting adjourned, Executive Danner announced that the next county commission meeting would be held on Monday, June 27.