• Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

County Historical Commission Wins Distinguished Service Award | Local News

ByChad J. Johnson

Nov 12, 2022

Cherokee County Judge Chris Davis announced at the commissioners’ meeting that the Cherokee County Historical Commission has won a Distinguished Service Award from the Texas Historical Commission. The Distinguished Service Award recognizes county historical commissions that demonstrate exceptional service to preserve Texas heritage and whose contributions are above average compared to the state as a whole.

Cherokee County Commissioners recognized the commission for their service, with County Judge Chris Davis presenting the award certificate.

“It seems like every year it happens, since I’ve been here, something we’re really proud of is the presentation of the Distinguished Service Award for outstanding preservation work done in the 2022 year of service to the Cherokee County. Historical Commission,” Davis said.

President George Martin received the certificate on behalf of the organization. Other commission members present included Gordon Bennett, Jay Anna Davis, Elizabeth McCutcheon and Deborah Burkett.

“We appreciate the Commissioners and we accept this award with great pride and gratitude, but without your support we would not be able to operate and do the work that we do,” said Martin. “It is a great joy to preserve the history of Cherokee County. This year has been a great year for us; it’s been a busy year working with Jacksonville on their 150th anniversary.

Davis mentioned that the commission has won the Distinguished Service Award since the program’s inception. He also noted that commission members will serve as grand marshals in the Jacksonville Christmas Parade.

The commissioners approved three unrelated articles requested by the sheriff’s office. The first of these was the exchange of 39 surplus handguns to Primary Arms. The department is switching to 9mm service weapons due to the cost of ammunition for current service weapons. There are 39 handguns to be exchanged for the purchase of 42 to 45 new weapons.

The second item for the Sheriff’s Department was to approve an addendum to the Law Enforcement Support Bureau agreement, which was originally authorized in June of this year.

The sale of four Sheriff’s Office vehicles through Auctioneer Express has also been approved. These vehicles include a 2008 Ford Explorer, a 2015 Dodge pickup and two 2014 Dodge Charges, each with high mileage, with two also having engine issues.

The monthly report from the Sheriff’s Office was also received and approved.

The commissioners authorized the county auditor to solicit requests for proposals for financial audit services.

“I spoke with our external auditors in the spring about how often some of their counties and cities come out for proposals on this and they were talking about it as a pretty common item,” County Auditor Steven said. Daughety. “Looking back, the last time I see that we did this was for the fiscal year 2010 audits.”

Proposals will be solicited from seven different entities identified in 14 surrounding counties and will also be posted online.

The reason for soliciting tenders, according to Daughety, is to ensure the best cost and to follow procurement procedures. He assured the commissioners that it had not been requested in relation to the discovery of missing funds earlier this year.

The Commissioners also approved the following:

• Three tax refunds, over $500, due to an overpayment

• A renewal of the cybersecurity course with the Texas Association of Counties

• Sale of surplus road and bridge equipment

• The purchase of a mini shovel for enclosure 1

• The Consent Agenda

A discussion was launched on the modification of the road sign numbers for the roads affected by the redistricting. It was agreed by all Commissioners present that this would be a tedious task as it would involve other agencies as residential addresses would have to be changed accordingly. The only decision made at the meeting was that additional information to find out what the process would entail.

The next regular meeting of the Commissioners Court is scheduled for 9 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 22 in the County Courthouse Courthouse, located in the downtown Rusk Square.