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Garment Bizman Cheated 7 Lakh | Surah News

ByChad J. Johnson

May 28, 2022
Surat: A garment businessman was defrauded of Rs 7.19 lakh by a trader in Surat city. Police booked Adajan resident Pradip Sival for allegedly cheating clothes businessman Niraj Agrawal (25), a resident of Godh Dod road.
According to the details of the case, Sival works as a commission agent. He used to provide money to needy businessmen after deduction of commission. He would swipe the credit card of the person in need of money and show that he purchased a product from his company. Sival would then return the amount of the purchase after deducting a commission of 2.8%.
About seven months ago, Agrawal needed money for his business. Someone introduced him to Sival, who gave him Rs 97,200 after swiping a credit card for Rs 1 lakh. Over the following months, Agrawal took money from Sival using a similar method.
In February, Sival asked for a loan from Agrawal and promised to return it in a few days. Agrawal gave him Rs 58,000 using his credit card. In March, Sival asked for more money. So Agrawal used his friend and sister’s credit card to pay Sival. In total, Agrawal paid Rs 7.19 lakh to Sival.
But later when Agrawal asked him to return the money, Sival gave him the assurance but did not return the money. When all attempts to recover the money failed, Agrawal filed a cheating complaint against Sival at the Athwalines police station on Thursday.