• Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

GB Council Discusses Lot Sales; County commission honors BCSO staff member

ByChad J. Johnson

May 14, 2022

Great Bend City Council will meet Monday evening and the Barton County Commission will meet Wednesday morning, and both are planning virtual meetings due to COVID-19 public gathering restrictions.

Great Bend City Council will meet at 6.30pm Monday at City Hall, 1209 Williams. The meetings can also be viewed on Access TV via Cox Cable Channel 20 or live online at www.facebook.com/gbcitycouncil/. The meeting will be recorded.

• The sale of remaining lots in the Amber Meadows Rural Housing Incentive District.

• Purchase of a Kansas Highway Patrol vehicle.

• The 401a incentive plan for public safety personnel.

• A working session on the Public Security building.

county commission

The commission will meet at 9 a.m. Wednesday at the Barton County Courthouse, 1400 Main in Great Bend. The meeting will be open to the public but will also be livestreamed due to COVID-19.

It will be broadcast via Microsoft Teams. Citizens can view the meeting through their own login or by logging in anonymously.

To participate, follow the link https://bit.ly/32UFRFL. Those wishing to participate in the discussion of any point may call 620-793-1800 for instructions.

The agenda includes:

• An employee recognition award for Natasha Beneke, Sheriff’s Office.

• Appointment of an Interim Director of Solid Waste.

• The transfer and carry forward of unspent funds from 2021 to the Capital Improvements and Equipment Replacement Fund.

Following the agenda meeting, the following appointments are scheduled:

• 10:00 am – Park improvements for the Town of Pawnee Rock with Yvonne Link, Assistant Clerk.

• 10:15 am – diesel fuel quote with Jennifer Hamby, Acting Director of Solid Waste.

• 10:30 am – regular business discussion and financial update with Matt Patzner, Director of Operations.