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Government sets up high-level women’s commission – Jammu Kashmir Latest News | Tourism

ByChad J. Johnson

Feb 8, 2022

* Powers to take notice suo-moto

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, 8th February: In a major move aimed at empowering women, the Union Territory Government today approved the constitution of the ‘Jammu and Kashmir Commission for Women’ with the power to Investigate and consider all matters related to the guarantees provided for women under the Constitution and other laws, review existing provisions of the Constitution, and independently take into account various issues related to women’s rights.
A formal order for the establishment of the Women’s Commission was issued today by the Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare, Sheetal Nanda, on the order of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha.
Led by a president, who will be a woman committed to the cause of the fair sex, the Commission will be composed of five members who will be appointed by the government and who will have at least 10 years’ experience in the field of women’s welfare, administration, economics, development, health, education or social protection.
At least one member of the Commission shall be from Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes while the Member Secretary shall be a member of the Union Civil Service or All India Service with the rank of Special Secretary to the Government or a expert in the field of management, organizational structure of the sociological movement.
The Commission was mandated to investigate and review all matters related to the guarantees provided for women under the Constitution and other laws. It will recommend steps for effective implementation of these safeguards that can improve the status of women in UT.
“From time to time, the Commission will review existing provisions of the Constitution and other laws affecting women and recommend amendments for remedial legislative measures to fill gaps, deficiencies or lacunae in the legislation,” they said. the responsibles.
They added that the Commission will examine the cases of violation of the provisions of the Constitution and other laws relating to women with the appropriate authorities.
The Commission was empowered to investigate complaints and take immediate cognizance of matters relating to the deprivation of women’s rights, non-enforcement of laws enacted to protect women and achieve the goal of equality and development and the non-compliance with political decisions, guidelines or instructions aimed at alleviating difficulties, ensuring the well-being and relieving women; and raise issues arising from these matters with the relevant authorities.
The Commission may also commission special studies or investigations into specific problems or situations arising from discrimination and atrocities against women and identify constraints in order to recommend strategies to eliminate them.
According to officials, the Women’s Caucus will undertake promotional and educational research to suggest ways to ensure adequate representation of women in all fields and identify factors that impede their advancement, such as lack of access to housing. and to basic services, inadequate support services and technologies to reduce hardship and health risks at work and to increase their productivity.
“He will inspect a prison, remand house, women’s facility or any other place of detention where women are detained or otherwise and take action with the relevant authorities to take corrective action, if necessary,” the authorities said. officials, adding that the commission will fund litigation involving issues affecting large numbers of women.
The Commission will submit periodic reports to the Government on all questions concerning women and in particular on various difficulties in which women struggle.
It will prepare its annual report giving an account of its activities during the previous financial year and will send a copy to the Government.
The Commission’s annual and audit reports will be laid before the Lieutenant Governor.

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