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Grundy County Commission discusses contracting company for ambulance billing programs

ByChad J. Johnson

Oct 27, 2022

The Grundy County Commission, at a special meeting on October 27, discussed the possibility of contracting with a consulting firm for two programs regarding ambulance billing. Jason White of the Mid-America Regional Council and Sarah DiCicco of the Public Consulting Group spoke about ground emergency transportation regarding Medicaid and the mandatory ground ambulance data collection system regarding Medicare.

There would be a 13.5% fee if the county contracts with PCG to help with GEMT and a $35,000 fee for GADCS.

Speaking of GEMT, DiCicco said a cost report was due Nov. 30 and the state had 90 days to review the report. The county could recover funds, and funds are usually returned to a county in May. White noted that the county could have a net gain of $51,000 for GEMT. He commented that there would be no costs incurred for Grundy County for 2022. DiCicco said when the cost report is complete, PCG could better say what the county would get in return and payment. The county would only pay once a year for the program. Commissioner Don Sager said it would be important to know the numbers to budget for the county.

The program is portable, and DiCicco said if an ambulance district forms, PCG could still work with the ambulance.

White said GADCS is about Medicare and goes through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. He explained that the program asks about 10,000 ambulance services nationwide to submit information. There is a 12 month collection period and a five month reporting period. There would be a 10% discount with Medicare payments if an ambulance service did not participate. DiCicco said PCG will work with the department to ensure it is set up and has training for GADCS. PCG would put the information in the system, and it would also be there for the county if there was an audit. The state could carry out an audit up to seven years after a cost report. She commented that PCG’s number one goal was compliance. DiCicco said the firm’s accountants know what expenses are allowed and what isn’t on a cost report. Expenses can include things like vehicle depreciation, rent, and utilities.

PCG would not send an invoice until the work was completed. The ambulance could also recover money from the GADCS.

Grundy County would report on the calendar year, and it would have until May 2023 to report. If the county contracts with PCG, the consulting firm would send out an invoice in June.

He would be willing to work with PCG, and a contract with the company would allow the county to skip a year if it decided. If Grundy County wanted to work with PCG, a contract would need to be in place by Nov. 1. White noted that a cost report must be done anyway. Commissioner President Phillip Ray wanted the committee to take the time to consider the information provided on October 27. The committee will revisit the issue at the regular committee meeting on November 1.

DiCicco said it was good that the commission voted and potentially signed the contract with PCG that day.

White also mentioned a grant from the Department of Public Safety with a cap of $20,000 that the county could consider. He said there was a 50% match and an entity needed to register on the DPS website. There are 10 million dollars to disburse.

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