• Tue. Sep 20th, 2022

If the NT Racing Commission complies, you’ll be able to throw your risky crypto assets on nags and more

ByChad J. Johnson

Aug 24, 2022

“The Commission is also mindful of the recent volatility in the value of cryptocurrency and the need to ensure that risks are properly identified and managed,” read a statement from the NTRC.

The NTRC expects all industry comments on the matter to be forwarded to it by September 29. Next, he hopes to write regulations as a guide for using crypto – to initially settle payments, and then potentially to make bets as well.

In related news, this week the Australian Treasury announced plans to launch a “token mapping” audit of the country’s crypto sector, to identify and catalog the different types of digital assets available to investors. Australians, with consumer protection at the forefront. .

“With the increasingly widespread proliferation of crypto assets – to the extent that crypto advertisements can be seen all over major sporting events – we need to ensure that customers who engage with crypto are properly informed and protected” , said Treasurer Jim Chalmers.

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