• Tue. Sep 20th, 2022

London Tourism Commission Reimbursed $45,000 for Services Not Performed by Music Band | News

ByChad J. Johnson

May 2, 2022

The London Convention and Tourism Commission said the $45,000 paid to a music group that did not finish performing due to the COVID pandemic has been returned.

The commission issued a statement on Monday afternoon to ‘notify the citizens of London that the debt owed to the tourist commission in the amount of £45,000 for services not performed by the former music group Bowling Family has been repaid in its entirety”.

The statement further states, “The Tourism Commission has worked diligently with the City Attorney over the past two years to recover the funds, but our attempts were unsuccessful. Earlier this year, the Tourism Commission has been granted new legal representation. The Tourism Commission would like to thank Mr. Conrad Cessna of the Cessna & George Law Firm for prompt resolution of the matter and reimbursement of all monies owed.”

During the recent audit of the town and city’s tourism operations, auditors wrote that payment of $45,000 – from tourism funds – to host the event remained unpaid. The Music Fest usually took place in early May. However, in January 2020, the check for the full amount was sent to organizer Mike Bowling. When COVID-19 canceled all public gatherings, the concert was moved to 2021. However, the Bowling family gospel group has since parted ways, leaving the tourism commission to hold the bag for the full amount. .