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Magnetic ball toys recalled after 4 children needed surgery

ByChad J. Johnson

Mar 21, 2022

If swallowed, the magnets could stick together, causing potentially fatal damage to the digestive system.

The above video is from August 2021

Nearly 120,000 powerful magnetic ball toys sold on Amazon and other websites are being recalled because children could swallow them. The US importer said some children who swallowed this product required surgery and this was only the latest case of children being injured after swallowing similar products.

The products are the 3 and 5 millimeter DigiDots magnetic balls, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said. They are “small, spherical, loose and separable neodymium rare earth magnets with strong magnetic flux”.

The problem is that if two or more magnets are swallowed, they could stick together in the digestive system, pinch, twist or puncture the intestines. This can lead to infection, blood poisoning, and possibly death.

Strong magnets like these were once effectively banned by the CPSC. But a court overturned the ban in 2016. In the years since, injuries have soared.

HD Premier Inc. said it is aware of four children who swallowed DigiDots and required surgery to remove them. The CPSC said it is also aware of other cases of children requiring surgery and two deaths after swallowing similar magnetic products.

DigiDots were sold on ilovedigitdots.com, Amazon, and other websites between March 2019 and January 2022.

The 3 millimeter magnets were sold in sets of 512 multicolored magnetic balls. The 5 millimeter magnets were sold in sets of 222 silver magnetic balls or 224 multicolored magnetic balls.

Anyone who has them is asked to remove them immediately from children. Contact HD Premier for a prepaid label to return the DigiDots for a full refund. HD Premier can be contacted by email at [email protected] or on its reminder page.

Lauren Leamanczyk of KARE contributed to this report.