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McCoy Challenges Hamblen County Commission Seat of District 12 | Election

ByChad J. Johnson

Apr 12, 2022

Laura McCoy, challenger for the Hamblen County Commission seat of District 12, says her abilities as a person who will really listen are her most important qualification.

“I am a real conservative. I believe in fiscal conservatism. All the money — whether it’s grants, property taxes, sales taxes, court fines, wheel taxes — comes from citizens and taxpayers,” she said. declared. “All money entering or passing through Hamblen County should be strictly monitored by the mayor, county commissioners, department heads and employees. As County Commissioner, I will participate in the financial oversight of County expenditures. »

Facing outgoing commissioner Bobby Haun, McCoy says he believes in controlling taxes and spending.

“I’m prepared to ask tough questions and push for answers when budgeting and allocating millions of dollars to our local school system, our roads, our garbage department, and law enforcement. local order. As a fiscal conservative, I wouldn’t have voted for the $103 million jail/justice center,” she said. “Many other options have been proposed to address the jail problem, including single-tier jail designs promoted by the Sheriff and by Commissioner Wayne NeSmith. These options were either ignored or never sufficiently explored.

McCoy said she started an online petition to save the Panther Creek pool.

McCoy said she would follow the golden rule.

“I am a Christian. I will treat others as I would like to be treated,” she said. “I respect people. massive debts – like the massive jail debt. I respect the Constitution. I will not vote to sue citizens exercising their right to free speech to oppose the $103 million jail or any other issue during public meetings.

McCoy said she’s worried about the county’s “massive” debt and rising costs.

“Like families, counties are facing huge price increases. That’s why it’s so important to be a real conservative in spending public money, in good times and bad” “, she said, adding that the lack of open discussion and transparency is hurting the county. “When you listen to people, you usually find that they will listen to you. When commissioners vote to prosecute citizens for speaking up, speaking out, or making a suggestion at a public meeting, it causes friction and discord. Then, the commissioners become stubborn and combative and tend to make bad decisions just to show that they are “big and responsible”. »

McCoy said if elected she would be a good steward of the people’s money.

“I will do this by promoting public health and safety through adequate funding of local law enforcement personnel and equipment and by funding the local K-12 education system. I will also ensure that the roads department and the garbage department are adequately funded,” she said. “I hear a lot of complaints about the roads. The Commissioners fund but do not control the Roads Department. As commissioner, I will obtain a list of paved and patched roads from the highway department each year and report it to my constituents and will be a strong and vocal advocate of road paving in the 12th district. Finally, I will have an open door policy. I will hold quarterly meetings at a school or other public institution where my constituents can come and talk to me. »