• Tue. Sep 20th, 2022

Michels campaign: Today’s vote on Wisconsin Elections Commission chairman expected to be last

ByChad J. Johnson

May 25, 2022

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West Allis, WI – Today, the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) meets to elect its next chair. Republican businessman Tim Michels, the underdog gubernatorial candidate, issued the following statement stating that this president’s election should be the last and vowed to disband the body once elected.

“I am a builder. My first instinct is not to blow things up. After witnessing the dysfunction of the Wisconsin Election Commission, I knew drastic reforms were needed,” Michels said. “I had been a strong supporter of the Walker-Kleefisch administration and had thought the structure of their creation was still salvageable. In the month since I criss-crossed the state for this campaign, I heard from many people who liked my business approach, but thought the WEC was just too fundamentally flawed from the start.

“At the Wisconsin Republican Party convention this weekend, I may have only given a 12-minute speech, but I spent the better part of two days hearing from delegates on a variety of questions. In fact, I also talked about it at length with Bob Spindell. So, while this development is rare in politics, I am not a politician. I have come to the conclusion that the WEC is not salvageable. having unelected officials overseeing the administration of elections has proven to be fundamentally flawed. I don’t want to empower Attorney General Josh Kaul, who was Hillary Clinton’s attorney, or Doug LaFollette who was always Secretary of State. But when I’m governor, the WEC will be history. I was a big fan of Scott Walker, but creating the WEC was a huge mistake.

The cornerstone of Michels’ election plan is the passage of the Constitutional Uniform Elections Amendment, which allows voters to enforce their civil and constitutional rights and retaliate if they are again victimized. such injustice. Other provisions include:

  • Repeal of all previous WEC election guidelines and freeze publication of new guidelines.
  • Prohibit the rehiring of any WEC personnel who participated in the issuance of any formal guidance inconsistent with applicable law, as determined by the Office of Legislative Audit.
  • Create a provision for the governor to remove and replace any election official held in contempt of court for failing to immediately remedy a violation of the polling place, including any wrongful denial of observer rights.
  • Special interests – including private individuals and organizations – are prohibited from funneling money for election administration through local election officials (Zuckerbucks).
  • Ban on unmanned ballot boxes.
  • Clean voter lists twice a year, purge dead and inactive voters.
  • Require each county to designate an Election Service Judge available for hearings within thirty minutes to hear and resolve emergency Election Day complaints related to poll violations, including any unwarranted denials observer rights.
  • Respond to the flood of indefinitely confined voters from 2020 by having them reapply and showing photo ID to verify their application.
  • Consistently enforce the implementation of mail-in voting laws and legal standards.
  • Prohibition of pop-up polling stations.
  • Prohibit ordinary polling stations from closing less than 60 days before an election.
  • Strengthen nursing home voting protections for our seniors, while ensuring prompt prosecution for violations.
  • Pass consideration first for the Voter Uniformity Amendment to the Wisconsin Constitution, allowing voters to enforce their civil and constitutional rights and retaliate if they are again subjected to such injustice.

“Every voter in Wisconsin, no matter who they support, should have equal access to their ballot and once their vote is cast, every ballot should be treated and tallied the same,” Michels said.

For more information see: MichelsBlueprint.com.