• Sat. May 21st, 2022

Michels says he wants to see if Wisconsin Elections Commission is fixable, splitting from other GOP candidates

ByChad J. Johnson

May 10, 2022

In an interview with conservative radio host Joe Giganti, Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels said he wanted to see if the Wisconsin Elections Commission was fixable before deciding to get rid of it and hinted that would work with Democrats to end ‘partisan bickering’. on the subject.

It’s one of the first policy shifts among the candidates since Michels launched his bid for governor. Fellow GOP gubernatorial candidates, Kevin Nicholson and Rebecca Kleefisch, have called for the WEC to be abolished. Democratic Governor Tony Evers wants to keep the Commission intact.

Here’s the exchange on the “Regular Joe” show:

Giganti: “Now on the elections, uh, integrity issue. So there we can’t talk about it without the speaker of the assembly who has been a firebrand and not in the best way. And he’s stuck in the middle of that, no matter how you cut it. Uh, he said the WEC should be kept. Would you, I mean, would you first of all, would you want to abolish the WEC?”

Michels: “…We need someone who’s going to bring in Robin Vos and Devin LeMahieu, and even the Democratic leaders and say enough about these partisan bickering. We need to get things done because the victim is all of Wisconsin’s hard-working taxpayers. I’ll, I’ll watch, WEC, let’s see, let’s see what’s going on there. If we can fix it as is, then let’s fix it as is. If it can’t be fixed, we’ll get rid of it. But at Michels Corporation, we don’t throw something out the window just because it doesn’t work. We have to work hard to fix things.

Michels also clarified on the show that he had not retired from the U.S. military, despite the direct mail claiming otherwise. We have received inquiries from readers questioning Michels’ retirement status with the military, as advertised on campaign direct mail. “If I said retired, it was a mistake,” Michels told Regular Joe.

A listener asked him to justify using the phrase “self-made man” when his father actually started the family business, Michels Corp. everything is fine. “And we did,” he said, saying he and his brothers had grown the business, achieving a “generational transfer” and growing the business 35 times.

Election Integrity Feedback

Wisconsin’s partisan Election Commission, chaired and vice-chaired by top Joe Biden donors and city workers across Wisconsin, violated state law in numerous ways during the 2020 presidential election, according to a nonpartisan report from the Legislative Audit Office, which was released on October 22, 2021. Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling, citing Attorney General Josh Kaul’s “failure” to investigate, recommended that the prosecutor of Racine County District files criminal charges against five members of the Wisconsin State Board of Elections. Several DAs refused to charge them. Further decisions are pending.

Giganti also asked Michels about former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman’s widely discussed election integrity report. Michels said he didn’t read it all.

Here is that exchange:

Giganti: “Have you read the, the, Michael Gableman’s report, the final report? Have you ever read this? »

Michels: “It’s a very big report. I haven’t read it all.

Giganti: “136 pages”.

Michael: “Yeah. I haven’t read it all. I have read many summaries of it.

He said Gableman should continue what he’s been doing and that he’s got his back. “We need to find out what happened in 2020,” Michel said.

Giganti also asked Michels, “Do you believe the 2020 election was stolen, yes or no?

“I have a lot of questions…like most people. We have to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Michels said.

“So is that a yes or a no? Giganti asked,

“Maybe? There were definitely a lot of bad things that happened. I’m not sure we’ll ever know,” Michels said.

[At his Milwaukee County office opening this weekend, we asked Michels his opinion about WEC and Sheriff Schmaling’s report on special voting deputies, and he indicated that he was against ballot harvesting, “Zucker bucks” and wanted to fix what is wrong in Wisconsin’s elections.]

On the other Republican candidates

When asked why he decided to run, Michels replied, “I love Becky, I love Kevin and I love Tim Ramthun…” he said. “It’s not when you start, it’s how you end.” He said people were waiting for a foreigner, a veteran and a businessman.

Giganti asked if Michels was stealing Nicholson’s trademark. “I’m not stealing anyone’s brand. It’s who I am,” he said. “I am not a career politician.” He said the country was on the “road to socialism”. He said Tony Evers was a “weak leader”.

He was asked to name three GOP lawmakers he would emulate. He named former Governor Tommy Thompson and US Senator Ron Johnson. For the third person, he said the candidates who ran for the school board in the spring cycle and the municipal board.

Asked by a listener about his relationships with middle- and low-income Wisconsin residents following his multimillion-dollar homes in Connecticut and New York, he replied, “tell people about Michels.” He said he was not a “fancy” guy and was down to earth. He said he was born and raised in Wisconsin and has resided in Wisconsin his entire life. “I went east…I’m a Wisconsin resident through and through and I can totally relate to the people.”

Asked about the going wage, he replied, “We belonged to many different construction associations.” He said that doesn’t mean they agree with those associations.

When asked how he would rate Robin Vos, he said, “I don’t know if he’s reformable or not, but we’ll try.” Maybe “with some leadership, maybe we can get him a passing grade,” he said. It wouldn’t say if Vos failed when pushed, and it wouldn’t give Vos a grade.

Asked, “So you’re saying he’s failing,” Michels replied, “I’m not saying Joe. I have high hopes his high hopes his grade will improve.