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NASS Cmtee Summons Police Services Commission Contractors Over $1 Billion Spending

ByChad J. Johnson

Dec 20, 2021
National Assembly, NASS Complex

NASS Cmtee Summons Police Services Commission Contractors Over $1 Billion Spending

The House of Representatives Public Accounts Committee, PAC, questioned officials of the Police Service Commission on Thursday over alleged extra-budgetary expenditures and unaccounted-for funds totaling N1,066,398,223.

The committee chaired by Dr. Busayo Olluwole Oke (PDP-Osun) also objected to the disbursement of some funds to private accounts of some PSC officials without pensions.

The Office of the Auditor General of the Federation had issued six audit requests against the PSC in four years – 2013, 2015, 2018 and 2019 respectively

The bureau queried N17,824,680 received from Wide Vote Service in 2013, N1,853,456 in 2015, N336,696,142.65 in 2018, N400,000,000 in 2019, N17,733,944 in 2019 also and another N292,290,001.51 in 2019.

During the investigative hearing held by the committee in Abuja on Monday, the Permanent Secretary of the PSC, Mr. Williams Alo; and Finance and Accounting Director Brighten Saagwe appeared before lawmakers to orally defend the spending, following a written submission from the Commission.

In its written defence, the PSC said the N17,824,680 from the SWV was “used for the payment of severance pay to the former chairman and two full-time members of the commission whose terms expired by efflux of time on April 14, 2013.”

The beneficiaries were DIG Parry B. Osayande (retired) (N6 079 200), Honorable Justice SO Akintan (N5 872 740) and Alhaji Habu Daura (N5 872 740).

On N1 853 456, the PSC said the money was the back wages of a Mr Asu James Ata. “The Commission sent a letter (with) reference number PSC/1631/1 dated December 1, 2015, requested the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation (IPPIS Department) to pay the sum to the staff (member) whose the IPPIS number is 212412,” the response read in part.

While defending N336,696,142.65, the PSC said that it requested the then Minister of Finance, by letter dated September 30, 2017, to pay 95 disengaged staff the accrued salaries and allowances totaling the amount.

On the N400m, the defense in part read: “The Police Service Commission in 2019 was awarded the sum of N400,000,000 to enable them to fulfill their legal obligation.

“In accordance with its constitutional powers of police oversight, the Commission monitored the conduct of police officers deployed on electoral duty during the country’s 2019 general elections.

“The objective, in addition to building confidence in the electoral process, is also aimed at strengthening the nascent democracy and ensuring the professionalism of Nigerian police officers and men.

“The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), by letter Ref: INEC/CH/GC/073/Vol.1, dated December 29, 2010, specifically entrusted the Commission with the mission of:

Monitor the registration/election process, in particular the performance of police officers in their electoral duties; training police officers in conduct during elections; develop a reward system for police officers who behave honorably during elections; and develop and share with police a model for monitoring police activities in electoral functions, including likely disciplinary and reward actions.

The PSC said it spent N120,021,500 on the purchase of six Toyota Hilux vans and a further N279,978,500 on tour allowances and equipment.

Of the N17,733,944, the Commission said it had paid a total sum of N13,528,846.94 as back wages to four workers, while the balance of N4,205,097.06 was at December 31, 2019, “moped in the vault – Consolidated Revenue Account – through the Integrated State Financial Management and Information System (GIFMIS).

Defending the expenditure of N292,290,001.51, the CPS said it received the sum as a capital supplement to mobilize the contractors, who are managing the construction of the Commission’s headquarters located in the Jabi region of the Federal Capital Territory on the site.

“The amount was paid to Vita Construction Limited, a contractor responsible for the construction of the headquarters of the Police Service Commission. The contract was awarded on December 13, 2011,” the defense partially read.

However, the Committee was not satisfied with the Commission’s defence, saying they were flawed on the grounds that the expenses were not returned with the necessary documents and receipts.

Accordingly, the Chairman of the Committee ordered the officials of the Commission to appear before it on Thursday of this week with all the documents and receipts in support of the expenses

He added that the officials should also accompany the contractor and the consultant in charge of its permanent headquarters in Jabi, Abuja for the matter of the audit.

He set up a three-man subcommittee to submit the Commission ahead of Thursday’s appearance.

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