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Our take: Maintaining county focus with wireless | News, Sports, Jobs

ByChad J. Johnson

Jun 27, 2022

Members of the Warren Planning Commission should do what they can to preserve the area’s natural beauty while drafting regulations for 5G wireless expansion.

But the city must also be careful not to give the impression of enriching the city’s bank account at the expense of individuals.

At a recent planning commission meeting, there was talk of prioritizing city-owned properties as sites for wireless installations, with commissioner Mike Suppa saying this would create “money flowing in the city” while also “to make sure that people are not exploited.”

There is, however, a flip side to this coin. Creating regulations that make it much easier to put 5G infrastructure on city property at the expense of private citizens could mean that the city ends up taking advantage of taxpayers who could use the money from hosting the infrastructure without thread just as much as the city.

Commissioner Ray Pring had a better idea: the market is the market.

“It’s strange to me that we focus a public benefit like this on making sure the municipality gets paid,” Pring said.

We agree. As long as wireless infrastructure can be placed on private property and meet the design guidelines recommended by the Planning Commission, why should the city get preferential treatment?

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