• Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Postal Regulatory Commission implements data initiatives

The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) welcomes Russell Rappel-Schmid as the agency’s first chief data officer to lead its open data and data governance efforts. Mr. Rappel-Schmid joined the agency effective February 14, 2022. Rappel-Schmid will oversee the Commission’s data management and compliance with the OPEN Government Data Act.

Most recently, Rappel-Schmid served as Alaska’s first state data officer. In this role, he worked with the State Office of Information Technology and other state departments on the data governance plan for their move to the cloud. He also launched Alaska’s first non-geospatial open data portal and created data tools to help users better visualize and understand state data.

Rappel-Schmid previously worked in the Office of the Inspector General of the United States Postal Service (USPS OIG). He was a member of the USPS OIG Data Analytics team where he worked to effectively identify, access, and use Postal Service data. Rappel-Schmid also worked as an audit manager, overseeing audits of postal service costs, tariffs, and international mail. Rappel-Schmid began his career using data to conduct internal audits while on active duty in the US Marine Corps.

Chairman Michael Kubayanda said, “I am delighted to welcome Russell Rappel-Schmid to the Commission. With his experience implementing data initiatives and his knowledge of the postal sector, Russ is well placed to lead the Commission’s emerging open data efforts and to support the Commission as it continues to grow. ensure the transparency and accountability of the postal system. Rappel-Schmid will report to Secretary and Executive Director Erica Barker.

The open data program complements recent steps taken by the Commission to launch a data analytics division within its Office of Accountability and Compliance, and to increase the use of data visualization tools in the whole agency.

As part of its data initiatives, the Commission also introduced the beta version of a service performance data dashboard to make postal data more accessible and usable, and launched a public inquiry (file no. 2018). PI2022-2) to receive feedback on this. Developed by the Commission’s Accountability and Compliance Office, the Beta Dashboard displays data provided by the Postal Service on country-level service performance results for specific Postal products and/or product components dominating the market.

Specifically, the Commission is seeking public comment on:

  • The overall usefulness and desirability of a dashboard-like visualization of Postal Service service performance
  • The layout, usability, functionality and any other features of the current dashboard
  • The scope of products and/or product components covered by the current dashboard
  • The frequency of desired updates (e.g. quarterly, annually, etc.)
  • The desirability of being able to download the source data, and if so, in what format

In this survey, the Commission is also seeking additional comments from the public regarding other dashboards and similar tools, if any, that the Commission should develop in order to provide more accessible and usable data (e.g. postal finance, etc.) .) regarding the postal service. .

All parties interested in commenting on the Commission’s efforts to engage the public in service performance data can do so by visiting: https://www.prc.gov/dash-deploy

Source: Postal Regulatory Commission

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