• Sat. May 21st, 2022

Recent overview of the municipal commission | Plant City Observer

Brief summary of honors awarded and project updates

The last meeting of the municipal council took place last Monday. Here is a summary of what was discussed.

Proclamation for Jack Holland

The city’s new deputy manager, Jack Holland, received a proclamation from the city commission for his service to the city.

It comes as Holland received the 2022 Citizen of the Year award.

“For many years I attended this luncheon as a representative of the Optimist Club and I probably read the names of the recipients who were in the audience three or four times,” he said. “[I] I never imagined that my name would be on this list one day, so I am very touched and honored.

An excerpt from the proclamation reads: “In addition to his work with the city, Jack Holland has maintained his dedication to building a strong community through his involvement with local organizations including the Plant City Optimist Club, Lancers the Plant City Area Soccer Club, the Greater Plant City Chamber of Commerce, the Friends of Recreation and Parks Corporation, the Alliance for Lupus Research, the Plant City YMCA and the Plant City High School Business Advisory Board.

Holland has served the town of Plant City since 1977 as athletic director, program director and director of the Parks and Recreation Club.

“It’s quite an honor to have one of your own chosen as Citizen of the Year,” said Bill McDaniel, Plant City City Manager. “My sincere congratulations to Jack.”

Proclamation for the Ministry of Finance

The Plant City Department of Finance also received a proclamation as Government Finance Professionals Week runs from March 14-18.

Diane Reichard, CFO of the Plant City Department of Finance, was on hand to accept the award.

Five of the 26 staff members also attended, including purchasing manager Robert Rosenstein, utility billing manager Denise McDaniel, accountant Misty Jimenez and budget manager Lauren Shatto.

In addition, for the sixth consecutive year, the department won the Distinctive Budget Presentation award from the Government Finance Officers Association.

“Recognizing our finance team for their work tonight – just another outstanding recognition for the daily work done by one of the teams in our municipal organization,” McDaniel said.

Presentation of the plaque to the municipal commission

Sharon Moody, founder of Plant City Black Heritage Celebration Inc., thanked the City Commission for its assistance during the 19th annual Black Heritage Festival, held Feb. 11-13.

“I want to thank the City of Plant City for being a great supporter of Plant City Black Heritage [Celebration Inc.]celebrating Black History Month,” she said.

With that, she presented a plaque to the city for her support.

Audit analysis

Le Mauldin and Jenkins, LLC. accounting firm has completed and provided an audit report for the year ending September 30, 2021.

Testing for internal city controls and compliance with laws showed no findings or deficiencies of any kind.

The city received and spent $4.6 million in federal grants this year, said Wade Sansbury, partner at Mauldin and Jenkins, LLC. The firm also performed one-time audit procedures for the CARES Act CRF program which revealed no issues.

The City of Plant City also increased its overall net position by $16 million for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2021. This increased the city’s net position to a total of $278.4 million.

Outdoor library Approvals

Director Paul Shaver of the Bruton Memorial Library briefed the City Commission on the finishing product for the Imagination Garden at the rear of the library.

The property’s formerly unused land was first excavated last November to build the new garden.

The Marcus Waller fountain and creek bed installation has a statue of a boy pumping water from a well and is accompanied by his dog.

With the use of a water wheel, the statue runs water on an artificial path with pebbles.

In front of the Marcus Waller fountain is the Ring Around the Rosie statue which depicts three girls holding hands and swinging.

Plants now line the pathway and walkway at the back of the library, and a privacy fence has been erected.

There is also signage and a wooden bench to swing on.