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Seattle Port Commission approves $ 3.9 million for fair recovery of investments

ByChad J. Johnson

Feb 8, 2022

The Port of Seattle Commission is expanding its investments in critical equitable recovery programs with the approval of $3.9 million in funding for youth employment and local economic development.

“These programs bring more young people and business owners, especially from communities of color and immigrant communities, to the starting line of prosperity,” said Hamdi Mohamed, Seattle Port Commissioner. “Investing where the needs are greatest addresses the root causes of economic injustice while allocating public resources to continuous improvement. Early access and key can make all the difference in choosing a high quality career or in the establishment of a small business on a solid foundation. Thus shipping related opportunities can change lives.

The Commission has approved 2.1 million to fund the program Career Launch for young people, an evolution of the initiative Port’s Youth Opportunity for three years. The Commission has approved $ 1.86 million for the economic development partnership program, which supports economic development projects for two years funded jointly by the cities of Port and King County. The Commission also authorized the Executive Director to use the funding underutilized grant program from 2021 to support regional recovery of small business initiatives.

About the Youth Career Launch Program

Career Launcher to young people is based on the work started by the port in 2020 when it created the Youth Opportunity Initiative in direct response to the economic crisis in the most affected by Covid communities.

In 2021, the Youth Opportunity Initiative has provided 280 young people – most of whom were young people of color and economically troubled zip codes – with internship training opportunities in port jobs and careers in aviation, construction , green jobs and sea.

An order presented by Commissioner Hamdi Mohamed and supported by other Commissioners renames the Port’s Opportunity Youth initiative as a career-launching program for young people, explores how to evolve the program from a temporary economic response to a permanent program aligned with port priorities and best practices, expands community and industry partnership, and lays the foundation for a process to assess and plan for the future of the program by the end of 2024.

About the Partnership for Economic Development

The Port of Seattle Commission created the Economic Development Partnership Program (EDP) in 2016 to advance local economic development in partnership with cities in King County. Since the program’s inception in 2016, the Port has awarded more than $3 million to the King County Cities Funding Program.

Cities applying for grants with a value between $ 5000 and $ 60,000 for the implementation of economic development projects related to the commercial interests of the port. The port requires a consideration of 50% (up to 25% cash consideration and 25% return in kind resources) to ensure that cities are also engaged in project success.

The 2022-2023 grant partnership with King County cities will continue to focus on initiatives that advance economic recovery Covid-19.

In 2021, participants of the city used the grant funding from the port to advance the economic rescue and stimulus initiatives that support small business, promote buy local campaigns to advance responsible tourism and support affected workers.

2021 Economic Development Partnership Award by Project Category

Project type Price Port % Price port match city Total investment (Port Award + Match)
Help for small businesses $429148 51% $339,324 $768,472
Buy local/Placemaking $177701 21% $135925 $313,626
Tourism $114,741 14% $137135 $251876
Personalized COVID-19 response $80290 ten% $30876 $111166
Workforce development $38,000 5% $500 $38,500
Total: $839,880 100% $643,760 $1,483,640

In 2020, the Port of Seattle has developed strategies equitable principles of recovery Covid. You can check Covid recovery strategies here.

Please visit the Workforce Development Program page for more information.


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