• Tue. Sep 20th, 2022

Statement from the Calgary Police Commission on the Beltline Protests

ByChad J. Johnson

Mar 14, 2022

The Calgary Police Commission understands the frustrations of downtown and Beltline residents and businesses who have been staging COVID-19 protests in their neighborhoods for two years now.

We also understand the concerns about the police tactics used on Saturday. If you wish, a process is outlined on our website for anyone directly involved to report police conduct concerns so that the full context of what happened can be investigated.

These protests are disrupting, dividing and compromising the ability of many residents to enjoy their homes, businesses and communities.

We have been in discussions with the Calgary Police Department and City Council to try to find a solution that respects people’s Charter rights to peacefully protest and assemble, while ending the disproportionate impact that these protests have on our city’s core communities.

The events of the past weekend show a marked escalation in the situation that needs to be addressed, and everyone involved will continue to work together this week to find a better way forward.

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