• Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

The departmental commission deals with a variety of issues during the meetings

Members of the Texas County Commission met Feb. 14-17 to transact business. The minutes were recently published.


• Held a discussion on a planning commission meeting.

• Meeting with Chris Vetter and Joyce Thomson, Office of the State Auditor, regarding the ongoing audit in Texas County.

•Discussed with Jeff Malam, Chairman of the Township Advisory Board, regarding speakers for a meeting on April 25th.

• Approved the appointment of Russell Gaither as Deputy Coroner.

• Township contracts accepted with Carroll, Date, Current and Cass.

• Review of additions and reductions to tax rolls with assessor Debbie James.

• Discussed with District Attorney Parke Stevens Jr. regarding an assistant district attorney and dealing with lawsuits affecting the county.

•Visited with maintenance staff regarding priorities and feedback on their needs.

•Reviewed and discussed at a meeting of the South Central Council of Government.

• Reviewed a letter regarding a Boone Township road, canceled a check to an engineering company, and reviewed a list of people receiving Form 1099.

• Received a call from Angel Wells, Director of the Texas County Health Department, updating county health issues and the need for region-wide testing, as well as working with the director of emergency management on a disaster plan.

• Meeting with Malam and Linda Bradford regarding the financial statement and the contract, as well as the canton’s expense accounts.

• Discussed with his attorney the removal of personal property tax arrears from the books, county sovereign immunity, and the allocation and acceptance of township roads.

•Discussed with Chilton Oil to repair the propane system at the administrative centre.

• Met Rep. Bennie Cook on several issues affecting the county.

•Discussed with Chris Strickland, CEO of TCMH, the institution’s January report.

• Were introduced to Kevin Crider, University Extension, who will fill a position vacated by Travis Mills.

The commission handled several cases with Texas County Sheriff Scott Lindsey:

• Have been served with a subpoena in a civil case against the county.

•Reviewed an X-ray bill on an inmate. Members will visit the CEO of the hospital.

•Discussed a bill from Douglas County Council.

•Reviewed and acknowledged the hiring of Wanda Etchason as a full-time jailer effective January 31, Cpl’s resignation. Glynn Bramwell as full-time deputy February 4, hiring Robert Duncan as full-time jailer effective February 9, resignation of Robert Joe Coney as full-time jailer February 8, transfer of Andrew Edwards and Branson Barnes as deputy from jail to highway deputy effective Feb. 9 and the promotion of Gregory Ryan from deputy sheriff to deputy sheriff-corporal on Feb. 7.

From February 23 to 25, the commission:

•Visited with several organizations on US bailout funds. He got calls about the city’s Licking and Licking Residential Care program, Hailey Joyner.

• Discussed a County Law Enforcement Sales Tax meeting to be held March 11 at 6:30 pm at the County Justice Center.

• Learned damage to a Sheriff’s vehicle may require totaling.

• Reviewed and acknowledged the hiring of Barry Sigman as full-time Jailer and Alicia Williams as full-time Deputy Clerk/Electoral Clerk effective February 16th.

• Internet service discussed with circuit clerk.