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You’ll pay Broward County more money this year in property taxes

ByChad J. Johnson

Sep 19, 2022

Workers responding to 911 emergency calls will get pay raises, there will be a new effort to get the homeless off the streets, and there will be a new savings cushion to save for a rainy day.

Broward County – which operates services such as libraries, state parks, tax collection, property assessments, buses, Port Everglades, medical examiner and airport – to name a few , has a proposed budget of nearly $6.9 billion, which is an increase from $6.7 billion last year. That’s an increase of 2%, or $149.9 million.

To pay for this, county commissioners will maintain the same tax rate as last year: $5.66, which means homeowners will pay $5.66 for every $1,000 of assessed property.

But although the tax rate remains the same, county officials are counting on you to pay more money due to the explosion in property values, which is the reason for the budget increase.

Residential properties that are farms could see an increase of up to 3%. Non-family properties, such as holiday homes, could see a tax increase of up to 10%.

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“Our property values ​​are exploding,” Mayor Michael Udine acknowledged at a recent budget meeting. “People want to see their tax burdens reduced.”

Among the new plans for the coming year:

  • $1 million for a new strategic job creation incentive program focused on creating high-paying jobs.
  • $11.5 million for salary increases for regional 911 communications staff.
  • Legal Aid will receive $150,000 in one-time funding for immigration services.
  • An increase in general fund reserves of $11.77 million, or 1% of tax revenue, to “hedge against economic trends over the next 12 to 24 months,” according to a memo prepared by the county administrator .
  • The Nancy J. Cotterman Center, the county’s anti-rape and child advocacy center, will expand services to overnight and weekend stays by adding six new positions and a part-time medical director at a cost of $583,600 $. The center will have a new building in the spring of 2023.
  • The proposed budget includes $164,600 to pay the salaries of two new investigators who will work at the Office of the Real Estate Appraiser to quell criminal activity centered on fee-for-service fraud. The budget also includes $76,820 for investigator cars.

There will also be new resources for the medical examiner to deal with ‘both the opioid crisis and the lingering effects of the pandemic’, according to a county memo, more money set aside for spraying mosquito repellents, new funding for a contracted street outreach pilot team that will find homeless people, with a focus on Broward Boulevard and the main bus station, and $350,000 one-time funding for a study greenhouse gas emissions in Broward County.

In addition to property taxes, the county also derives revenue from sources such as seven different gasoline taxes, sales taxes, and fees and charges such as park entrance fees and bus fares.

County taxes are only a portion of the overall property tax bill, which includes the school board, city, children’s services board, and water and hospital districts.

County commissioners will approve the budget on Tuesday at 5 p.m. The fiscal year begins on October 1.

Lisa J. Huriash can be contacted at [email protected] Follow on Twitter @LisaHuriash