• Tue. Sep 20th, 2022

Zimbabwe: Publish Land Commission Audit Report – ED Charges Orders

The Front for Economic Empowerment in Zimbabwe (FEEZ) on Wednesday called on President Emmerson Mnangagwa to release the long-awaited Land Commission audit report.

The Land Commission was established to analyze land allocation data and the extent of land allocation with respect to gender, equity classification, environmental management, among others, presented its findings in Mnangagwa about two years ago.

Reports indicate that the land audit revealed vote buying by the ruling Zanu PF party and illegal subdivision of state land in and around urban areas to attract voters.

However, Mnangagwa kept the findings a secret despite promises that he would make the report public.

Consequently, FEEZ demands that the report be made public.

“The resulting land audit report and its recommendation were never released to the general public at the time of the petition,” Godfrey Tsenengamu FEEZ national coordinator wrote in the petition.

“At the 2019 Zanu-PF Goromonzi (annual people) conference, outgoing President Mnangagwa informed the nation that the land audit report contained a list of Zanu-PF members who are multiple farmers.

“We therefore take the above President’s statements as confirmation that the Zimbabwe Land Commission has finalized its report and also made it available to the President.

“In this regard, we are writing to you to express our legal right to request access to the Land Commission audit report as a public interest stakeholder in safeguarding transparency and accountability, governance in the country as well as the body of the person entitled to access the report under article 62 of the Zimbabwe Constitution 2013. “

Tsenengamu added, “We insist that the scope of the above provision in the supreme law of the land justifies our legal right to request the audit report as well as to request its disclosure to the general public, being information held. by a state agency. “

The commission, chaired by Judge Tendai Uchena, investigated the sale of state land in all 10 provinces and found that there were 156 cases of theft of state land in Harare province, while Mashonaland West and East counted 195 cases combined, Midlands 27 and Masvingo 22.

The report also shows that the government owes more than US $ 3 billion to beneficiaries of urban land in the state, while Zanu PF’s political elite used the land as a political tool.